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Inger Askehave is CBS’ new deputy president

CBS’ new deputy president position will be taken up by the current Pro-rector of Aalborg University, Inger Askehave, on February 1. Among her tasks, the new Deputy President will have direct management responsibility for CBS’ department heads and departments with almost 1,500 staff members.

CBS Students criticizes Senior Management’s handling of intro cases: “The management style is built on punishment and fear”

Intro guides and coordinators have waited for more than four months to receive the decisions on 44 cases related to the 2019 intro program. CBS Students severely criticizes the process, which “has treated the students like criminals” and left them in a limbo of uncertainty. As a consequence, the process has led to silence among the affected students, who dare not criticize the process, according to CBS Students. The President of CBS doesn’t wish to answer to the criticism.

New Dean of Research: Poor funding is a major challenge

Big classes, limits to the feedback CBS can give to students, and not enough researchers to ensure a sufficient research-based education are what is the most damaging about poor research funding according to Søren Hvidkjær, CBS’ new Dean of Research. CBS WIRE asked him eight questions about the time coming, and he gives an idea of how to improve research.

Keld Laursen, Academic Council: Mistrust cannot be solved with more visibility only

Senior Management promises to be more visible in the future as a response to a report made about the mistrust towards DIR among academic staff. But being more visible only solves 50 percent of the problems, argues Keld Laursen, who took part in the making of the report. Employee representative, Ole Helmersen, is satisfied with the outcome, and expects DIR to take note of the report.

CBS has got two new deans

The Dutch professor, Gregor Halff, is being flown in from the Singapore Management University as he will, by next year, be filling the position of Dean of Education at CBS. The new Dean of Research is Søren Hvidkjær, who’s already known at CBS, as the Head of the Department of Finance.

Who’s the man in the red sweater?

He grows his own vegetables and he rarely eats lunch, a habit he got from his time working as a forester in Canada. And then he has a batch of four red sweaters. CBS WIRE spent an entire day with Per Holten-Andersen, the President of CBS, in order to get to know him better.

CEO of Danske Bank will share ups and downs with CBS students

Thomas F. Borgen, CEO of Danske Bank, is going to spend an academic year at CBS. Not to drink coffee with the President of CBS, but instead to learn from academics and students. In the wake of the money laundering case at Danske Bank, he will share what he can if students ask him.

CBS’ “interior minister” is keen on theater and surprised by how “centralized” CBS isby

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