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Stop the world! I want to get off!

Is this a familiar feeling? Margrethe Vestager, EU’s powerful trustbuster, whom business leaders around the world fear to be contacted by, has a simple solution to get a grip on our complex world. Invited by the student organization International Debate CBS, she just visited CBS.

News / Film |   05. Feb 2018

Mette Koors


“The biggest challenge is to avoid being swallowed by the complexity of the world we live in. Artificial intelligence, block chain and technology. We need to make sure to have a horizontal view, so that everything makes sense. And that’s a crucial premise for the leaders of tomorrow,” says Margrethe Vestager, EU Commissioner.

During her period in the European Commission, she has been taking up fights with Google, Apple and most recently, Ikea. By being the rich world’s most powerful trustbuster, she has a strong platform to talk about democracy.

On Friday the 2nd of February, she visited CBS and talked about our complex world in which you are tempted to think: “I’m living in a movie, and I don’t want to watch the end of it,” as Margrethe Vestager expresses it. However, she thinks there’s an easy and simple way to approach this complexity.

“It’s is so great that Margrethe Vestager comes and speaks with us. She really thinks that we need to change things together and engage. It is extremely important,” says Jonas Bredal Juul, President of International Debate at CBS, who had invited Margrethe Vestager.

Hear what Jonas Bredal Juul takes with him from the meeting, and why Margrethe Vestager is the first speaker of this year.


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Stop the world! I want to get off!by

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