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Dear Denmark!

It has been almost two years since our paths crossed for the first time. I remember myself back then. I was young, careless and couldn’t be troubled with anything that didn’t concern me directly. When we met, my world turned upside down.

My love for you dear Denmark wasn’t love at first sight.

It was rather a slow and enjoyable process, getting to know a different side of you every single day.

Some days, when the sun’s rays caressed you, you would shine so bright that I swear I could hear you sing. Your smile and laughter would spread light and warmth and I loved just spending time outside with you, taking endless walks and listening to all that you were. And on the days when you were feeling down, you would throw lightning bolts, your tears would soak the ground and fog and darkness would throw shade on us.

Yes, you had your moments, but the beauty that I saw in you, dear Denmark, could not be overthrown by a few thunderstorms.

It wasn’t easy, this crazy relationship of ours. It seemed as though you always wanted more from me than I could give. You almost made me broke!

But with time I realized that whatever I gave, you doubled it in return. Dating you had its price. Some things in you, Denmark, are truly hard to get. Not everyone can afford you. You have a tough character sometimes and you’re not willing to lower your standards. And why should you?

You know you are amazing, stunning and full of opportunities and you don’t want to unravel yourself in front of people who haven’t put an effort into keeping you.

Your beauty, dear Denmark is astonishing. I was smitten the first time I saw you in your red and white dress showered in sunshine. You love that dress, you wear it to every occasion, birthdays, parties, graduations, holidays, you go everywhere with it and you like showing it off. That dress looks divine on you, it almost seems as though it fell from the sky just for you.

We had so many fun moments together. You are truly an acquired taste, from your favorite liquorice to your obsession with burning witches on bonfires and throwing cinnamon sticks at singles. And now I wonder which is stranger, your traditions or the fact that after two years with you I consider it normal?

There’s so much in you to see, so much history, so many places to visit. I could never grow tired of looking at you, dear Denmark. In the summertime, it seems as though you are restless, always running errands. You never truly rest.

You have so much love, light and warmth to share that it’s as if there aren’t enough hours in the day, so you decided to light the sky at night as well, never truly setting, always spreading light.

You taught me so many things Denmark. You though me how to take care of myself and the environment. You taught me everything there is to know about equality, equal rights and opportunities. You gave me all the tools I needed to gather knowledge, broaden my horizons and learn the skills I need to be productive and contribute as much as I can.

You showed me what success looks like and how I can achieve it. You showed me what being at home feels like and how to transform four walls into a home with a hygge atmosphere. You showed me how to enjoy being in the moment and taking time to relax and unwind.

I never expected to fall for you, Denmark. I never expected that I could call you home and mean it. I never thought there would be a frown on my face when I had to leave you for a time, and I never could have imagined that I would long to return to you with such passion.

Dear Denmark, you have my heart and soul. I know you so well, yet there is so much more to you that I have yet to discover. And even if it seems as though we’re speaking different languages sometimes, I haven’t felt more understood and more cared for anywhere else.

I will always carry the blue and green of your seas in my eyes, your wind in my hair and your nature and history in my mind.

I long for you Denmark, I would recognize you even if you’re covered in cloud and fog. Because I don’t look for you with my eyes, but with my heart. Don’t forget me, dear Denmark.

Forever yours,



  1. Stephanie Hadler says:

    You have so beautifully captured this love for Denmark. I planned to stay here two years. It’s now been 31. Denmark gets into your soul. My soul found an unexpected home here. ❤ Thank you for sharing this with the world.

  2. Liliana says:

    Great article. Your writing is so creative! Impressive.

  3. Julie says:

    Beautifully written <3

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