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CBS Students wants a vision for future education – share your input!

Smaller classes, more blended learning, life-long learning. CBS Students wants to create a vision for future education, and they need input from the students of CBS. The vision should make student voices even clearer.

News |   17. Apr 2019

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


CBS has a new president and a new chairman of the Board of Directors – and soon a new strategy must be laid out for the future of CBS. Now is a good time to create a vision, thinks Mikkel Nielsen, the President of CBS Students. And they’ve already taken the first step towards developing a vision for future education at CBS.

“CBS will get a new strategy soon, and I’ve been wondering why CBS Students don’t have a written vision regarding education. Now seems like a good time to create one, as we have the opportunity to influence a lot of future plans for CBS,” he says.

To begin with, CBS Students encourages students to answer a short survey about education. What is the aim of choosing an education? What is the student environment like at CBS? The questions can be answered on a scale from 1 to 5 with the possibility of sharing additional comments.

It should be a common vision that is shared by the different presidencies so that it doesn’t change from year to year

Mikkel Nielsen

“In this way, we can get a clear indication of what the students of CBS find important when talking about future education. From there, we’ll make a draft for a vision which will be discussed at the Board of CBS Students and in the Student Political Council,” says Mikkel Nielsen.

He explains that having a vision for future education sends a clearer message and is easy to refer to when CBS Students sits in on discussions and meetings about CBS’ educational direction for the future.

“CBS Students is a recognized voice at CBS, but we would like our voice to be more influential. Usually, the management makes proposals for changes or initiatives that they want our take on. Instead, we can be the ones suggesting visions, perspectives and ideas that we want the management’s view on,” says Mikkel Nielsen and points out that CBS Students isn’t dissatisfied with the influence they already have, but they want closer collaboration and to be heard even more.

The vision is expected to be ready by the end of June 2019.

Develop future education together  

It’s not that CBS Students hasn’t had educational visions on behalf of students before, but they haven’t been as concrete and long lasting.

Mikkel Nielsen hopes that this vision will be passed on to future presidencies of CBS Students and regularly discussed and changed to ensure the vision meets its goals.

“It should be a common vision that is shared by the different presidencies so that it doesn’t change from year to year or have goals that are skipped by one presidency and taken up by another,” he says.

The students of CBS elect the presidency of CBS Students, so why is it that students should provide input for the vision?

“CBS Students represents the students of CBS. Yes, we could create a vision without consulting the students, but democracy is also about engagement. Maybe they have a different view to us on future education, and we need to take those views into consideration as well,” says Mikkel Nielsen and encourages his fellow students to spend a few minutes answering the survey:

“Answer the survey because you’re taking a degree at CBS, which hopefully, creates value, and you want it to be even more valuable for future students. Your input is valuable to us, as it gives us a stronger voice in the development of future education,” he says.


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CBS Students wants a vision for future education – share your input!by

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