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Three CBS students have made applying for exchange scholarships far easier

Photo of three CBS students

Malte Jessen, Christian Rudolf Larsen and Morten Handest Høyer (see photo from left to right) are the founders of a company aiming to help students getting scholarships to go on exchange. (Photo: Ida Eriksen)

“We had all experienced how difficult it was to maneuver through the jungle of various scholarships and apply for funding for our exchange stays abroad, and we thought: Hey, we can make this process easier,” explains CBS student Morten Handest Høyer. Together with his two close friends, Christian Rudolf Larsen and Malte Jessen, he has started the company Legathjælp to help students find scholarships for their exchange stays abroad.

News |   24. May 2022

Ida Eriksen


It sounds great. Going abroad to experience another culture, maybe even learning another language, and spending a semester writing your bachelor’s or master’s degree in entirely new and inspiring surroundings.

However, the path to going on exchange can be long and complicated, especially when applying for scholarships, according to three CBS students who are all currently on their master’s programs.

“We all went on exchange during our bachelor’s degrees and had to apply for scholarships to fund our stays abroad. However, as there are approximately 800 travel scholarships, it was extremely time-consuming to determine which exact scholarships we could apply for based on our personal and educational backgrounds,” says Morten Handest Høyer, a Finance and Strategic Management student.

Which scholarships are accessible depends on what university you are attending, but also where you live, whether your parents are Government employees, your gender and even what hobbies you enjoy in your spare time, he elaborates.

“These scholarships all have a wide range of individual criteria that determine who is eligible to apply for them, including the university you are attending, the program you are studying, and the location of your exchange stay,” Morten Handest Høyer explains.

Photo of Morten Handest Høyer, Malte Jessen and Christian Rudolf
The three friends are dusting off their trousers and running hands through their hair, before the photo is shut. (Photo: Ida Eriksen)

Easier and cheaper

For this reason, he and his two friends and fellow students, Malte Jessen and Christian Rudolf Larsen decided to start their own company to create a smoother process for students going on exchange. The company’s website,, provides students with a list of all the scholarships they can apply for based on personal information about the students.

“By purchasing this personal list of scholarships, students can now spend their time perfecting their personal applications, as opposed to deciding whether they are eligible to even apply for a given scholarship or not,” Christian Rudolf Larsen, who is also studying Finance and Strategic Management, continues.

“We can provide this service, as we have spent several months building a comprehensive scholarship database and subsequent algorithm that generate a list of all the various scholarships that a student is eligible to apply for, based on the information we have received,” he adds.

Our goal is to help as many students as possible to get the necessary funding for their exchange stays abroad

Malte Jessen

The company guarantees a list featuring a minimum of 25 scholarships per student, according to the three founders.

“The students are guaranteed their money back if we cannot provide the minimum. We naturally also make sure that the lists always include the newest sources of funding, so students won’t have to worry about that,” says Malte Jessen, who is studying Sales Management at CBS.

Also, the Legathjælp solution is cheaper, he says.

“The number of companies providing this specific service is limited, and those that do are concerned primarily with providing old-fashioned personal counseling, whereas our service is simple and automated. This also means that we can beat the existing companies on their prices, which range from DKK 1,300 to 2,500,” Malte Jessen says.

list from can provide you with a list of possible scholarships. (Illustration:

At, students can buy a package that includes a guide for writing personal applications and resumés, templates for the resumés, an exchange budget template, and a list of eligible scholarships – all for DKK 995.

“Our goal is to help as many students as possible to get the necessary funding for their exchange stays abroad, because all students should have access to the financial backing for the exchange trip they wish to pursue,” Malte Jessen concludes.


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