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The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education: CBS cannot terminate the enrolment of the 25 temporarily suspended students

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CBS has re-enrolled the 25 temporarily suspended students after the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education informed CBS that it is not possible to terminate their enrolment. CBS WIRE has asked the Senior Management a number of questions, including whether CBS will help the students for whom the termination has had serious consequences. CBS has issued a press release on the matter.

News |   28 Jan 2020

Anne M. Lykkegaard


 CBS was not in compliance with the relevant ministerial orders on admission and enrolment when it terminated the enrolment of 25 students on December 6, 2019 as a part of their temporary suspension, according to the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.

Therefore, on January 23, the 25 students received an addendum to the decision, in which CBS informs them that their enrolment will not be terminated during the suspension period and will therefore not affect the students’ status as students, CBS states in a press release at

The affected students still may not attend exams, lectures or other activities at CBS during their suspension period, but being re-enrolled means the students are entitled to apply for student grants (SU), among other things.

“Clearly, we regret that the original decision included information we had to clarify after being informed by the Agency. However, it does not change the decision, only the condition that the enrolment of the suspended students have not technically been terminated,” explains Mette Kuhlen Gullach, Head of CBS Legal in the press release.

On Monday January 27, CBS WIRE sent the President of CBS, Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, a series of questions on the matter, including how and if CBS will help the students for whom the termination of their enrolment has had grave consequences, such as losing out on dorm rooms, SU and the possibility of applying for internship on equal terms with their fellow students.

CBS WIRE has talked to one of the students affected, and you can read about her and a group of five students’ experiences right here.

CBS has not responded to our questions but issued a press release on Tuesday January 28. The press release does not state how CBS might help the students, but says that “the addendum to the original decision means that the students now can apply for a period of study abroad on equal terms as other CBS students even if they have been temporarily suspended, as long as the period of study is after the suspension period has ended. The addendum might also have impact on conditions outside the influence of CBS, e.g. the students’ current housing situation and their access to SU during the suspension period”.

CBS is still investigating 44 additional cases in relation to the intro activities, and according to the press release, in future, CBS will “change the wording of the decisions regarding the temporary suspension and revise the code accordingly”.

After the press release was issued, CBS WIRE forwarded a number of additional questions to CBS, including whether it is entirely up to the students to resolve the housing and financial situations caused by the mistake, whether CBS isn’t obliged to help the students fix the consequences of a mistake made by CBS, and what signal CBS is sending to the students by not making amends for its mistake.



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