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On the hunt with CBS Hunting Club – a different kind of game

Sports, culture, business and academia – CBS student societies offer it all, but only one student society shoots to kill. Since 2012, CBS Hunting Club has introduced students to a tradition dating back perhaps further than any other human pastime. CBS WIRE tagged along with the newcomers to see what training for a hunting licence is like.

New site aims to give students the best possible time at CBS

Navigating the student intranet is not always easy. Surprisingly many students do not know what information and resources are available to help them. That is why Student Affairs has launched a new site that collects key information on wellbeing related issues, such as how to manage workloads, resolve group conflicts and avoid procrastination. The site shows students how to help themselves or seek help within CBS and outside the university walls.

New alliance aims to take on student wellbeing from the top

University management, students and experts from across Denmark are coming together in a new alliance that aims to make students feel better. “It’s a conversation we need to be having,” says deputy president Inger Askehave, who represents CBS in the alliance.

Advice for new students: Join a CBS club and don’t forget to have fun

Thursday 1 September, new students at CBS were welcomed at the first ever Bachelor Kick-off event at KB Hallen. Here, students were given advice on how to cope with student life while also managing the stress of entering a new whole era of their lives. The main tip of the day: Remember to take breaks and have fun.

Three international students create their own podcast Matter – on life and love, living abroad, travelling – and many laughsby

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