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CBS to review exam questions in response to ChatGPT developments

CBS cannot detect if students use Artificial Intelligence to cheat on exams. The university has therefore initiated a review of all exam questions to test generative AI and its ability to solve student assignments. ChatGPT will soon be taking CBS exams.

Students given old exam assignments – CBS voids exams again

When Daniel Westermann Strandby, a third-semester BSc student in Digital Management, sat down to take his midterm exam in Corporate Finance he was surprised – he had already seen the exam questions before. “They were almost identical. Everyone who had read through the material available from previous exams could recognise large parts of it. I found this highly surprising,” he says.

Awaiting an exciting future while dreading exams: Meet six CBS students

What are the students at CBS excited about this upcoming term? And what do they fear most about starting or finishing a university education? CBS WIRE met six students – some on their first semester and some finishing their educational programmes – for a talk about the ups and downs of being students.

Have you ever shared study books with a friend? Then you should definitely think twice

About half of all students in Denmark have used at least one illegally shared textbook while studying. The majority are obtained from friends or study groups, and many students find this practice acceptable. But when books are illegally shared, writers are not paid, which over the years will mean that fewer textbooks will be written in Danish and about Danish subjects.

CBS to review exam questions in response to ChatGPT developmentsby

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