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One of the world’s largest case competitions: This year, with more than 4,000 students expected to participate

The CBS Case Competition is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Twelve of the best teams are flying in to Copenhagen while 4,000 students will compete online in the GLOBAL version of the case competition. CBS WIRE’s student writer Petra Mladá sat down to talk with Amalie Dam and Mie Dehn Møller, the Steering Committee, about the history and future of the CBS Case Competitions.

A Scottish case team surprised the organizers of CBS Case Competition OPEN

The case team representing the University of Glasgow surprised Jeppe Tranekær, the leader of CBS Case Competition OPEN, as they flew in for the finals. Something which the case competition organizers haven't tried before. Jeppe Tranekær hopes that more international teams will fly in for the OPEN case competition in the future.

Why are case competitions so popular?

Companies and students are increasingly finding case competitions relevant – both to host and to take part in. But why? Students, the Head of Business Relations and Career Services at CBS, Grundfos, and QVARTZ give their suggestions and some of them question the format of case competitions. Because, are case competitions bringing out the most innovative ideas?

Should there be case solving in the curricula?

Week 9 is upon us. Two CBS students, Jeppe Tranekær and Mathias Bohn, who are heavily involved in the case competition, Janie Huus Tange, Head of Business Relations and Career Services, and the co-founder of Qvartz, Hans Henrik Beck, all agree that case solving skills are indispensable, and should extend far beyond week 9. What do you think?

What you didn’t know about CBS Case Competition

Each year a new team of students takes part in organizing the CBS Case Competition. We talked to several of the organizers of the 2017 CBS Case Competition about, what's going on behind the scenes.

CBS International Case Teams: The best investment I have ever made as a CBS studentby

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