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Now coronavirus has consequences for CBS staff and students

COVID-19 or coronavirus now has consequences for staff and students at CBS. (Illustration: Shutterstock)

No Thursday bars in March, no annual celebration, fewer study seats at the libraries and fewer classes on campus. Coronavirus has resulted in a number of initiatives to avoid spreading the infection that has infected two students and put three individuals from CBS in precautionary quarantine at home.

Coronavirus |   Updated: May 13th, 2020

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


More than 340 Danes are currently diagnosed with COVID-19, coronavirus. Two of them are from CBS.

Over the weekend, CBS was contacted by two students who have been diagnosed with coronavirus after returning from skiing trips in Northern Italy. Furthermore, the individuals who have been in contact with the students on campus have been identified, and three individuals from CBS have been placed in precautionary quarantine at home, according to a statement at

So far, the health authorities have announced that CBS should take no further action in relation to the two specific cases of coronavirus. However, University Director of CBS, Kirsten Winther Jørgensen asks everyone to follow instructions given by the authorities.

“Keep good hand hygiene, limit physical contact, and stay at home if you feel sick or are at risk of getting sick,” she says.

As the situation develops hour by hour, new measurements will be introduced. In the afternoon on Monday 9, CBS announced that the Annual Celebration, which was supposed to take place on Friday March 20, has been canceled, and in the early evening on the same day, Café Nexus announced on its Facebook page that together with CBS and CBS Students, it has decided to cancel its Thursday parties and will close at 10PM.

CBS is currently not canceling classes. But according to an email sent to all of CBS’ teachers on March 9 by the Dean of Education, Gregor Halff,  CBS wants classes to be taught as much as possible either online or in larger-than-normal spaces.

We will gradually convert classes taking place from coming Wednesday, March 11, into online classes. This will start with classes that have more than 200 participants and then move to smaller classes to the extent possible.  At the same time, off-line classes will gradually be placed into new, larger rooms wherever possible so that a greater distance between seats can be held,” it says in the email. 

And new precautions are being introduced for exams too, according to the email.

“We will need to shift written, sit-in exams as much as possible to rooms where at least one seat distance between everybody can be kept.”

Moreover, only every other study seat at CBS’ libraries can be used and booked for the time being.

At the University of Southern Denmark, the management has decided to close all major assembly areas on all campuses, which implies canteens, libraries, reading rooms, Friday bars and other similar gathering places where many staff and students gather, in order to stop the infection from spreading, according to its website.

“SDU’s special campus structure with adjacent buildings with many employees, students and daily guests increases the risk of the infection spreading,” the statement continues.

Will CBS adopt similar measures?

“We are following developments closely and constantly assessing what concrete initiatives we can initiate in relation to our activities on campus. Teaching will continue at CBS, but changes may be introduced later. I would ask everyone to follow both the situation at MyCBS, Canvas and Share to stay updated, as well as the authorities’ announcements through official media,” says Kirsten Winther Jørgensen.

CBS WIRE will update this article as more news concerning CBS becomes available.

According to the Danish newspaper, Politiken, 10 out of 11 CBS students in Italy have returned to Denmark.


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Now coronavirus has consequences for CBS staff and studentsby

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