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Lockout: What about the 22,000 students at CBS?

Can the students attend lectures and exams during a lockout? (Photo: Anne M. Lykkegaard)

Closed buildings, canceled exams and lectures? The consequences of a lockout for the students are yet to be made clear. Jeppe Ask Tofteskov, President of CBS Students, says that canceled exams are among the biggest of concerns. Senior management is about to get an overview.

Uncategorized |   21. Mar 2018

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


About 22,000 students at CBS risk being affected by the possible lockout, which is threatening to send home the majority of staff members on the 10th of April, at the earliest.

At the moment, senior management is getting a full overview of how many members from the staff are subject to the lockout, as it would give an idea about how much of CBS’ daily activities can run as normal. Furthermore, senior management has sent some questions to the Agency for Higher Education about the students’ legal status.

As soon, as senior management has made a final decision on how CBS will run during a lockout, the students will be informed through

Jeppe Ask Tofteskov, the President of CBS Students, explains that if exams are cancelled due to a possible lockout, certain groups are more vulnerable than others.

“If exams are cancelled it would be of the biggest concern for the fourth semester master students, sixth semester bachelor students, and exchange students. Getting the exams rescheduled is of the highest priority,” he says.

A lot concerning the students is not yet certain. However, two things are:

  • SU is not going to be affected, as long as you meet the requirements needed to receive it.
  • Residence permits for international students are not going to be affected. However, you have to be aware when the residence permit expires. If a lockout comes into effect, and you get delayed with your studies, then you have to apply for an extension.

“I totally understand that people are nervous about the consequences of a possible lockout, but I ask people to be calm, as we don’t know if it will come into effect. Yes, it’s annoying if one’s exam is cancelled, but just try to see it as a source of irritation and nothing more. Also, I don’t think the lockout will last long,” says Jeppe Ask Tofteskov.

On the 15th of March, CBS Students invited all students to a meeting about the consequences of a lockout, and Jeppe Ask Tofteskov explains that CBS Students will have a similar meeting when there is more news about the lockout and its consequences.

“Furthermore, if the lockout comes, CBS Students will be open to questions in the period of the lockout. We hope that the student assistants in administrative positions at CBS, who will not be subject to a lockout, will help out with the answering of questions from the students,” he says.


  1. Paru says:

    Whats with the “the female mediator, Mette Christensen”-what does the female part got anything t0 do with the mediators office?

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Lockout: What about the 22,000 students at CBS?by

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