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Forget about your dream job – just do something

Is passion something to be searched for, or does it come automatically when you something meaningful?(Photo: Private)

We probably all want to do something we are passionate about. But what if the search for our passion blocks the opportunities that are right in front of us? Signe Lund Bunke decided to stop searching for her dream job and instead just take a chance and passion came along.

Blog |   26. Sep 2017

After writing my last post, I received so much positive and – for me at least – reassuring feedback from others who felt the same way – being unsure about your career path and knowing one’s “true” passion.

There are other people out there who also feel that it can be difficult to know what your passion is. Perhaps the simplest and most doable solution to this stupefaction is to just do something. Even if I’m not sure about whether the job in front of me is my dream job or not, I’ll hopefully get one step closer to my dream job through all the experience I get.

I imagined many different things about my dream job and had many different criteria that I wanted it to meet. But when it came down to it, these imaginings did not help me at all. They prevented me from seeing the jobs in front of me for what they were.

Rather, I have found that I should forget about the perfect job. Instead, I have “found myself” in the job I am in now, and I look for ways to find my passion in the job.

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I have found that right now, I am passionate about creating strategies for organizations in order to help them fulfill their potential. Most of all, bring strategy down to eye level so that it becomes something everyone can understand, relate to, and do. When I am passionate about “creating a strategy” it is difficult to control it. For instance, the other weekend I ended up relating a topic in a private conversation to strategy.

Feel it – do it

In other words, I can’t think out my passion, I must try it out and feel it. And then seek out that feeling even more and follow it once I find it.

So, maybe I shouldn’t have been so concerned about finding my passion. But rather, be at ease with the fact that I will figure it out along the way.

My hypothesis is that if I just start living and follow what gives me a purpose, feels right, and brings meaning to my life, then the passion will automatically follow.

In that sense, maybe I should not be so concerned about finding my passion, but instead, pursue a purpose. Along these lines, if I decide to help people or companies with their problems and if every task I do results in helping these people, I will get one step closer towards my goal. That might be on the way and nurture passion?

So, if I have a purpose, then that might allow for passion to follow me automatically without me even asking for it to come along. To put it differently, perhaps I should just throw myself into doing something that gives me meaning and I will get closer to it along the way.


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