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Could I get back to Denmark? I risked it

(Photo: Oana Alexandra Miron)

We are interesting. I know that and yet I find myself learning it again and again every day. As humans, we create a sense of order.

We gradually increase our area of control throughout our lives, and somewhere in our twenties, we believe we are invincible, in control of our destinies. We work.

We choose to invest ourselves in projects, we choose to build paths, experiences… and we do that because we want to believe our choices will have particular outcomes. We know that if we play our cards right, the outcomes will be in our favor.

But we are only human.

Ok. Hold on! This path is too deep in times like this. Let me regroup:

What had happened was: I had to come back!

Yes! I had to leave an awesome exchange, a pool, fantastic food, amazing weather and a brand new city behind. Oh, not to mention: cool housemates!

My masterplan was interrupted. (*dramatic sound effect*)

Now let me get some facts straight: I really do not enjoy winter. I did not enjoy it in Romania with temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius and snow everywhere: And I do not enjoy it in Denmark either. However: I can do winter for like two weeks – and if I’m in good spirits, I might even go ice-skating. It is therefore fair to say my biggest goal in life is not to run away from it.

BUT, for once in my life, four months of cold were all set to turn hot, mad hot, just how I like it: summer baby!

Yes: From January to May, I was going to say a sweet good-bye to winter and look at it in pictures while chilling at the pool, way over in Singapore.

But I am only human. And I can only plan ahead so much.

Well, don’t get me wrong, I was not travelling much and doing all the things I dreamed of (I did have a pool to go to though): Coronavirus had hit before I arrived in Asia. And then the numbers broke loose in Europe and the situation got worse and worse. It was strange to see how vulnerable we all are. Unbelievable almost.

That second week of March was, put simply, ‘state-of-the-art stress’. Once we got the emails telling us to come back to Denmark, the option of staying slowly faded.

The first email said we advise you to come back. The second email said ‘you can only enter if you have a permanent residence or a valid reason to come back’: with school being closed, did I have a valid reason?!

The calls with the Romanian embassy and with the Danish authorities were blowing my mind, and decisions had to be made fast. I could stay and risk waiting too long, until all the flights were cancelled, or I could come back: But would I be allowed into the country? With my room rented out, my address in Denmark also had to be suspended: Could I come back?

I risked it: changed my flight and landed in Copenhagen on the 22nd of March.

It was hard: it was definitely hard. I wanted so much to believe this would soon be over.

After 20 hours (I did not have a direct flight) of breathing through a mask and constant sanitizing rituals, I was let into the country. I had all the documents proving Denmark is also my home and was ready for a good hug from my boyfriend. And, given that we had to quarantine together in a room, I got lots of those. It was good to be back: safe and healthy, with my loved one.

Outside? Winter is over… Hello cute little missy Spring!

Oh yes, I’ve also got classes and exams in the middle of the night as my courses still run according to the Singaporean time zone… but let’s just finish on a happy note: At least I didn’t get back to winter!

Stay safe!

Happy days in Singapore. (Photo: Oana Alexandra Miron)


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Could I get back to Denmark? I risked itby

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