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CBS Students establishes intro committee to collect input for creating a new intro concept

(Photo: Anne M. Lykkegaard)

The concept of the two-week intro program is being revised, and CBS Students wants your opinion, ideas and solutions on how intro can look in the future in order to avoid the current problems that have caused CBS to temporarily suspend 25 students.

News |   30. Jan 2020

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


After the temporary suspension of 25 students before Christmas, CBS Students engaged in a dialogue with the Senior Management on revising the concept of the two-week intro program that precedes the semester start in September.

In order to gather as many viewpoints on intro as possible, at the beginning of the year, CBS Students established an Intro Committee. Here intro guides, intro administrators and everyone with an interest in intro can share opinions, experiences, ideas or solutions on how intro can be improved to avoid the problems seen in the autumn.

“We want both input on intro as a concept, but also more specific ideas about, for example, activities that are suitable for intro or solutions to some of the problems. Many intro programs have great success in combining social and academic activities in their intro programs, and why not share them with others?” says Rasmus Christensen, Vice President of CBS Students and continues:

“Last year, we kick-started a knowledge sharing culture at the Admin Weekend with great success and it made sense to encourage it at all levels of intro.”

CBS Students has announced the establishment of the committee on its website and Facebook, and so far, the input given to the committee has served as the basis for a proposal which CBS Students has brought to the table in the ongoing discussions with the Senior Management. At the moment, Rasmus Christensen cannot comment further on the content of the proposal, but explains that receiving CBS students’ viewpoints has been of great importance.

“CBS Students represents the students of CBS, so it’s essential for us to know what the students think about various topics, such as, intro and in what direction they believe we should go. Apart from talking to the students, we have also talked to other universities about how they do intro,” says Rasmus Christensen.

Although the proposal has been forwarded to the Senior Management, it’s not too late to send opinions, ideas or solutions to the committee or join the committee, which consists of representatives from different programs and CBS Students.

“There’s no set date for when this committee will dissolve. We are not going to find a fixed format for intro that will work forever, as society, the university and we as individuals keep developing and making new demands about how we do things. This includes how we organize intro,” he says.

Although the application deadline for the Intro Committee has exceeded, CBS Students still welcomes input to the Intro Committee, you can reach Vice President Rasmus Christensen and President Sarah Diemar via email: &


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CBS Students establishes intro committee to collect input for creating a new intro conceptby

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