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CBS Students’ Christmas wishes: Education ad libitum and a room full of kittens

What about taking a time out from your studies and spend some time with some cute kittens? This is the wish from Lana from CBS Students. (Photo: Shutterstock)

If CBS Students had any amount of resources available that they would ask Santa to give them free education for all, forever… and an anti-stress room full of kittens.

News |   19. Dec 2017

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


If Santa and his elves could give you anything. Really, anything. What would you want for Christmas?

We asked CBS Students that very question, and they had one big wish: education ad libitum.

”Søren Pind (the minister of higher education) wants us to be flexible and able to change track multiple times during our lives. If we should be able to do that, we need access to education, at all times, and for free,” says Rachel Scheele, Vice President at CBS Students and adds:

“We can’t limit access to education, as it can take time to figure out what one is good at. And you don’t necessarily know that from the very beginning, and maybe you’ll change your mind throughout your life. So, the possibility of taking another education at any given time is a big wish from our side.”

But it is not just free and unlimited access to education. Santa will have to have a big wallet, as the wish also includes the ability to get SU while studying.

”In Germany for instance, how much time the students can spend on their studies is limited, as they have to work on the side to make ends meet. I can sit in the library for hours without having a bad conscious or having to worry about my income,” she says.

And then there was the wish for kittens….

Hello Kitty

When I went to CBS Students to ask them for a Christmas wish, Lana Isadora Ahunzhanova was quick to come up with an idea.

“A room filled with hammocks, pillows, and kittens,” she said with great delight in her voice.

If it were up to her, she would become a full-time cat lady, but that’s not an option, since she lives in an apartment where there are no animals allowed. So, why not have some at CBS.

“As far as I know, we have a worship room in Kilen, so I thought why not turn one of the empty rooms into some sort of playground for students? With pets, mainly kittens rather than toys,” she suggests.

Research has previously shown that watching silly cat videos on YouTube can actually have a relaxing effect, so having a room filled with cute kittens must be just what CBS students need, argues Lana Isadora Ahunzhanova.

“Unfortunately, something that many students, including CBS students deal with these days is stress, especially during exam periods. For me personally, the exam periods are very intense because I don’t have much time to study and prepare between my exams,” she explains and continues:

”Which is why it would be a perfect solution for many of us here at CBS. Furthermore, the majority of us live in student condos where we are either not allowed to have pets or we live with roommates who are allergic. For that reason, I think it would be perfect if CBS could offer us this opportunity, which I truly believe would reduce stress among the students,” she says.


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CBS Students’ Christmas wishes: Education ad libitum and a room full of kittensby

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