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Being a CBS student puts pressure on me!

CBS WIRE's blogger, Merveille Musungay: I believe that when I get poor results in one semester, it gives me room to grow. (Photo: Mette Koors)

Entering this new semester, I am feeling the pressure more than ever! Imagine doing such a great job to a point where you feel that you have set new standards to keep up and in addition to that, the people around you have set the same standards for you too. This is my current situation.

Aiming to be a great CBS student already puts a lot of pressure on me and if this is not enough, the people around me also have higher expectation of me, which has created another level of pressure. To conclude, I can say that I am currently dealing with internal and external pressure!

I often pressure myself to do better than prior times and it can sometimes be mentally draining.

Question: Have you ever dealt with internal pressure? (Please feel free to give me an answer below!)

Pressure does not only occur when you are doing good, it also occurs when things are going bad. Nevertheless, the feeling is quite similar.

My solution to internal pressure is to avoid comparisons. My internal pressures occur when I forget the fact that seasons are different and each season has its own storm. This means that I cannot compare the seasons and need to live in the moment in order to decide whether it is necessary to keep up with prior results or ‘go with the flow’ during my new season.

My solution to internal pressure is to avoid comparisons

Merveille Musungay

This all may sound parabolic, however, what I mean is that, it can be unrealistic to always expect good or bad results each season. In this case, as a CBS student, I am talking about semesters. Each semester offers different types of subjects. Some of them may seem easy while others may appear harder than a rock.

I believe that when I get poor results in one semester, it gives me room to grow. Sometimes I can pressure myself to the point where I end up giving up, because things feel unreachable.

I therefore believe that it is important to sense each semester. ‘What kind of subjects am I having this time? ‘How can I approach these subjects?’

I prefer sensing the semester first, then work as hard and smart as I can

Merveille Musungay

When I get in to a new semester, I often try to avoid thinking ´ I am going get an A+ or fail this semester’. I prefer sensing the semester first, then work as hard and smart as I can. If I have poor results last semester, I learn from it. I can perhaps have meetings with my lectors in order to get clarity of what went wrong. This is one of the things that I like to do in order to learn from my mistakes and improve myself.

I like to keep my expectations to a minimum standard in order to avoid disappointments.

Life is full of surprises and sometimes we can make lemonades out of lemons, whereas other times we just eat up the whole lemon. Hence, pressuring myself is not beneficial for me. What about you? Do you agree with self-pressuring?

Until next time..


  1. Henoc says:

    Thanks for the motivation
    – Keep doing your thing

  2. Belinda Wanga Nielsen says:

    I can totally relate on the internal pressure. I’m still struggling with that,but one thing I had to realise is that everyone is on a different timeline. No need to compare.

  3. Christian Bita says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, exexperiences and ways out. I have actually applied few of the ways out you proposed and I found them to be stress relievers 😀
    Thanks again and keep inspiring more

  4. Mike Jensen says:

    One of the best thing about reading and music is when you are able to relate, and I definitely feel I can with your stories. I think its a great way for me as a fellow CBS student to get inspired about how other students are coping with the mental pressures of being a student. Thank you a lot!

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Being a CBS student puts pressure on me!by

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