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CBS opens its doors to school students

Daniel Vega Strømgren, Cilla Beng Costa and Ida Baun Christensen take are going to finish the final year at Ny Hollænderskolen at CBS. (Photo: Henriette Lise Chrsitiansen)

Local schools are being allowed to use the empty classrooms and auditoriums at CBS to teach the oldest students. “It’s just great to be back together with my classmates,” says Cilla Bing Costa from Ny Hollænderskolen.  

News |   27. May 2020

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


Although the staff and students from CBS have been sent home, CBS’ campuses are not empty.  Students and teachers from 7th to 9th grades from five schools in Frederiksberg Municipality are being permitted to use the empty classrooms and auditoriums until the end of term.

Jens Zachariassen, Head of Ny Hollænderskolen, explains that about 300 of his students are now being taught at Solbjerg Plads, which is shared with Skolen Ved Søerne and Skolen på Nyelandsvej. Moreover, Duevej Skole and La Courvej Skole’s students are being taught at Dalgas Have, and students from Frederikberg Gymnasium are at Kilen.

“It is fantastic that we can be at CBS and still meet the official requirements for social distancing. The classrooms here are huge,” he says.

Cilla Bing Costa, Daniel Vega Strømgren and Ida Baun Christensen are in 9th grade at Ny Hollænderskolen, and they were all thrilled by the news that they could attend classes, although at a very different location.

“It’s just great to be back together with my classmates. So, although I miss the usual school life, it’s just nice to be together,” says Cilla Beng Costa.

Daniel Vega Strømgren adds:

“This is an important year, as it is our last, so being back means a great deal.”

School students from schools in Frederiksberg are right now being taught at CBS. (Photo: Henriette Lise Christiansen)

According to Jens Zachariassen, Ny Hollænderskolen would not have been able to welcome back the oldest students if not for CBS.

“Ny Hollænderskolen is a big city school, but it’s also old, which means the classrooms aren’t that big. So meeting the requirement of keeping one meter apart simply wouldn’t have been possible with all the kids back at once,” he says.

Therefore, the Mayor of Frederiksberg, Simon Aggesen, reached out to CBS and the University of Copenhagen, which both have campuses in Frederiksberg, and asked for their help, explains Jens Zachariassen.

“About two weeks ago, we were notified that we could teach our students at CBS, so we visited the place to plan the practicalities of doing so, and in week 21 we had the first classes,” he says.

Nice aesthetics and cleaner air

Although CBS cannot resemble school life at Ny Hollænderskolen and lacks the facilities for teaching physics, for example, in other ways, it is an upgrade.

“The classrooms are nice here, and I really like the aesthetics of the place,” says Daniel Vega Strømgren.

And then there is something about the indoor climate.

“The air is much better here. The indoor climate at our school is not that great, so this is a clear improvement,” says Ida Baun Christensen.

The three students from 9th grade have only 32 days left of this school year, so is their time at CBS making them think about their future education and career plans?

“Not really. It’s great to being taught here, but we haven’t talked about what choices CBS offers. But it’s fun to be here, and you have the feeling that you are studying here for real,” says Ida Baun Christensen.



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CBS opens its doors to school studentsby

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