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Where has my bike gone!?

If you ever find yourself walking out of a CBS campus building, only to discover that your bike is gone, whatever you do, don’t panic. Chances are you’ve either annoyed a neighbourhood resident or have obstructed the mobility of the authorities.

|   15. Aug 2017



We spoke with the maintenance crew at CBS to get the scoop on what happens when you’ve parked your bike in a “no parking zone”. But before we get into that, we’ll explain why you cannot park your bike in any old place.

When we bike to school, chances are we’re running late or have just gone through the all too common, excruciating experience of having to bike in a headwind for nearly half an hour. In these situations, we’re inclined to find the parking spot closest to the entrance of where we want to be.

But before you decide to do that, just stop to think about the maintenance crew who are going to have to go through the daunting task of moving your bike to a less obstructive spot. According to the maintenance staff at CBS, “At times, the number of bikes parked in the wrong area was so abundant that they actually had to call for a transport company to move all the bike.” Why do they have to do this you ask?

The maintenance crew at CBS explained that “some of these spots are subject to complaints from local residents who say they have problems getting from one place to the next, in and around the neighbourhood, are having trouble walking their dogs, and that these are areas where if there is an emergency, the fire fighters or ambulances will not be able to gain access to the building.”

In the case that you do not heed our advice, and discover that your bike is gone, don’t panic, most likely it has been moved to a designated bike parking area.

At Dalgas Have, the bicycle parking spaces can be found either right in front of the main entrance or if that is completely packed, the maintenance crew will have moved your bike to the back – where there is always a vacant space. At Porcelænshaven, you can find the cellar located to the right of – if you are facing – the entrance.

The designated parking area at Porcelænshaven is in the cellar, which is located to the right of – if you are facing – the entrance.

One last piece of advice, if you leave Denmark for over one month, make sure to move your bike from the campus. If a bike is parked anywhere on campus for over one month, the maintenance crew will put a little slip on your handlebar and the commune will take it away… for good this time.

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