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Approved national budget abolishes budget cuts worth DKK 50–60 million at CBS

Dalgas Have (Photo: Mette Koors)

The so-called temporary rise in taximeter funding for the humanities and social sciences is continuing for another three years. This means that CBS will avoid losing DKK 50–60 million a year. What's more, the education cap will be discontinued from the summer of 2020.

News |   04. Dec 2019

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


The Danish government and its supporting parties have agreed on a national budget for 2020 that both restores the opportunity to take several educations as well as stopping planned cutbacks on the universities’ economies.

For example, the so-called temporary rise in taximeter funding for humanities and social sciences will continue for an additional three years. Every year since 2010, CBS has received an extra DKK 50–60 million in education funding due to the temporary rise in taximeter funding. Money that, according to University Director of CBS Kirsten Winther Jørgensen, is invested in developing and upgrading teaching methods as well as giving students a sufficient amount of lessons etc.

Without the extra taximeter funding, CBS would lose about 10 percent of its overall education funding.

Also, the annual two percent reduction that the eight Danish universities have had to incorporate into their budgets since 2016 will stop in 2020.

“I’m proud to be part of a government that, instead of cutting back on education, the most precious welfare we have in this country, has decided to invest even more in future generations. We are going to roll back the previous government’s cutbacks, and with this national budget, invest in the 60,000 students in humanities and social sciences. Fields that are important for the green transition and for developing our society,” says Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, the Minister for Higher Education and Science in the press release.

Another hot topic during this year’s negotiations of the national budget was the education cap. Since 2017, students at the Danish universities have been barred from enrolling for second bachelor’s degree programs until a minimum of six years had elapsed. As described in several Danish media, this has resulted in enormous pressure to choose the right education from the very beginning.“The education cap has been a major concern for the students and has created uncertainty. It has resulted in even greater pressure on the students. We find this unacceptable, which is why we have chosen to stop it completely,” says Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen in the press release.

You can read more about the consequences of the national budget in the educational sector at the ministry’s website. (In Danish)


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Approved national budget abolishes budget cuts worth DKK 50–60 million at CBSby

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