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CBS Students strongly advises students against working for CBS during intro

In a new podcast produced by CBS Students, tutors from this year’s intro week share their experiences of how CBS has handled their intro cases. For the second time, CBS Students criticizes CBS and sees a general mistrust in students at around intro time. Now, “for the first time in 1.5 years” CBS Students is experiencing a “willingness” from Senior Management to listen. CBS WIRE has presented the Dean of Education with the criticism.

Six students complain about temporary suspension – CBS stands by its decision

Six students have been temporarily suspended for what CBS calls violating CBS rules and regulations by signing an invitation to a “Slutty Fall Break” party hosted by “Vejlederteamet”. The six students have hired a lawyer and complained about the decision. Now, they want the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education to look into the matter. The President of CBS has declined to answer follow-up questions.

“CBS disrupted our lives and education and left us with no financial security for nine months”by

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