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Nerve wracking, overwhelming, exciting: Nine people tell about their first day at CBS

In this podcast, students, staff members and the President of CBS share their thoughts, feelings, expectations, and concerns about their first day at CBS. Some had their first day 23 years ago, while others just started this September. Hear the funny, cute and exciting anecdotes about picking the right clothes, having butterflies in the stomachs, and almost being late to work.

Podcast |   11 Sep 2019

Anne M. Lykkegaard


Emil Friis Ernst


In this podcast you’ll meet:

Mathias Boy Holst from IT Support,

Valeria Diaz, first year master student

Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, the President of CBS

Maria Nordgreen, first year bachelor student

Ana Maria Munar, Associate Professor at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

Joe Neft, second year master student

Janie Huus Tange, Head of Partnerships

Niels Laursen, Inspector at CBS Academic Housing

Bontu Guschke, PhD Fellow at the Department of Organization



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