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YES! We are finally here! Welcome to CBS WIRE

CBS WIRE is your new independent, journalistic platform. It consists of the digital news site you’re reading for the very first time right now – as well as our various social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

News |   16. May 2017

Mette Koors


We have been looking forward to this day for a long time. And we’re so excited. We feel like all the new CBS students, who forget to breathe properly, when they arrive at campus after the summer holidays. Launch date – May 16 – has indeed been a long wait. That’s why we’ve jumped the gun a bit during the last few months and published short films, pictures and stories on our social media.

From now on, CBS WIRE will be here to provide you with much more of the good, involving, critical, thought-provoking and debate-creating journalism. Longreads, blogs, analyses, entertainment, humor, columns and the crooked and crazy.

All the stuff you get

On the site today, you will find our cover story, “Blended learning: A fancy buzzword or a necessity in a changing world?” Our longread “Cracks appear in CBS’ image after discarded research report” – and I promise, it’s a longread, indeed. Our Student Editor shares her blog “Here’s to the mess we didn’t make” – inspired by the movie La La Land. Our portrait “Once a Sevillian, always a Sevillian”, which gives you all the inside tips on the Spanish city. And the list goes on: Our article and film: “I spy with my little eye”; our film “Where to start? Start with art!”; our analysis “Men against women – whites against black” from American exchange student Emily Williams; our article “They know every corner of Solbjerg Plads”; guide “Ten ways to make sure you don’t lose your mind this exam period”.

But maybe it’s all too much? Do you need a small break and be a bit selfish? Scroll and find our Selfish. It’s healthy! Or so new research tells us.

Check out our 'Visual Story - Faces' starring students and staff members of CBS. (Photo: Lisbeth Holten)

The secrets of CBS faces

Today, we’re also presenting our Visual Stories – nine CBS faces. Click on each pictures to get a short funny story about the people behind the faces.

And finally, I have to tell you about “Foreigners, please don’t leave us alone with the Danes”.

You’ve probably seen this phrase in black writing on an orange poster around the campus. Or as a handwritten note on the back of a toilet door. Framed and displayed. Or fallen and found behind a sofa. This is how CBS WIRE got ours – and we’ve decided to bring the message to life as a permanent feature on the site. Inspired by the phrase, we give you the guide: “How to date a Dane in Spring”.

A good cup of coffee

Scroll through the site. We hope you are going to be excited, spellbound and informed. And remember: We’ve only just begun. CBS WIRE will expand in the next few weeks, adding new platforms such as ‘Ask’ and ‘Speaker’s Corner’ to the mix.

If you have questions regarding the content of your studies, how to best invest a 1,000 DKK, how to perform well at a job interview or anything else really, then write to us at

And if you want to express a nagging, funny, sad, narcissistic or impressed thought or opinion, then put it in writing and send it to us at

If you find any mistakes on the site or if you have a great idea for a story or a way to develop the platform, please do not hesitate to come by our Editorial Office and tell us. Then we will brew a good cup of coffee. Fix the mistakes immediately. And talk through ideas on our sofa.

We look forward to meeting you all – online or offline.


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YES! We are finally here! Welcome to CBS WIREby

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    Thanks to two CBS graduates, Copenhagen now has a pasta boutique where you can buy freshly made pasta. Francesca Tenze and Fannar Hannesson had never thought they would end up running a food business. But, a trip to food-Mecca Bologna inspired them to quit their jobs and start their own company, La Fresca, modelled on the traditional Italian concept.

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    CBS Associate Professor starts YouTube channel on compliance: “We must communicate research differently”

    For Associate Professor Kalle Johannes Rose, his YouTube channel about risk-based compliance serves many purposes. It is both a personal tool to help him structure and explain the material as well as an opportunity to reach out to people working with compliance and for them to ask questions before he finishes a new book. He believes that researchers should think differently about how they communicate their research, and that CBS could do a better job of helping them.

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    Three emails revive old conflict between CBS and course company Aspiri

    Several students have received emails from the course company Aspiri asking for their Canvas password in return for free courses. The CBS legal department warns students against giving away their passwords – it compromises IT security and is illegal.

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    Start-up founded in a CBS entrepreneurial class sells for millions

    What started as a business case in class - AI for solving GDPR issues - has turned into fulltime employment and a multi-million kroner deal for two former CBS students.

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    Mental health issues? Where to get help

    If you have mental health issues or personal problems, CBS can help. If you have a chronic mental health problem, you can receive help through the SPS programme. For personal problems, you can team up with a mentor through the CBS mentor programme or talk to the campus pastor, who is happy to help regardless of religion.

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    New alumni network on cybersecurity gives valuable insights

    A large number of unofficial alumni networks flourish at CBS. A new addition is the cybersecurity network that enables students and alumni to connect and talk about an industry where people otherwise keep their secrets closely guarded. The networks are a useful way for alumni to stay in touch with CBS while giving back as well as being updated on the newest research and post-graduate education.

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