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When stress and guilt take over exams

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Podcast |   11. Feb 2019

Jakob Slyngborg Trolle


Stress levels among Danish students are skyrocketing. Since 2013, the number of students between the ages of 25 to 34 who feel stressed has risen from 29.3 to 41.3 percent. And there’s nothing to indicate that the curve will stop its upward climb. But what’s the best way to handle the familiar cocktail of physical stress and guilt that crop up during the exam period?

We got hold of CBS student Line Jønsson Vørre who changed her exam routine and has gone from being an unhappy, stressed-out student to being calm and relaxed.

Plus, we asked theologian Camilla Sløk to help us understand what this constant barrage of bad conscience and guilt is all about, that’s crippling Danish students. And of course, we ask the question: What can universities like CBS do to reduce the amount of guilt that exams can create?

Participants: Associate professor Camilla Sløk at CBS and CBS-student Line Jønsson Vørre.


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When stress and guilt take over examsby

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