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The Danish parliament earmarks DKK 100 million to reboot study life

Minister in blue shirt

Ane Halsboe Jørgensen, the Minister for Higher Education and Science, is thrilled that the government and parliament have agreed to allocate DKK 100 million to students' wellbeing. (Photo: Jens Honoré)

The higher education institutions receive funding to host academic activities and initiatives to improve student wellbeing.

News |   18. Jun 2021

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


DKK 100 million will be distributed among the higher education institutions to support the 250,000 students returning to study life after the summer break.

The government and a majority of the Danish parliament have agreed to earmark the funding for restarting study life.

“Students, teachers and the managements at our higher educations have delivered a feat of strength making everyday life work despite restrictions and lockdowns imposed by the coronavirus. Now, what is needed is a good reintroduction to study life. Therefore, I’m happy that the Parliament has agreed to allocate DKK 100 million to both academic and social activities,” says Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, the Minister for Higher Education and Science in a ministry press release and continues:

“In that sense, we are creating a solid foundation for our more than 250,000 students to return.”

More specifically, the DKK 95 million will be spent on academic and social activities; at some higher education institutions that might result in a special intro for study start, or for creating intensified courses or summer-school courses or coaching, according to the press release.

Also, the Student Counselling Service (Studenterrådgivningen) will receive DKK 3 million to increase its support for vulnerable students, and DKK 2 million for Studievalg Danmark for an extraordinary digital counselling service for high-school students and students whose applications for higher education have been rejected.

“We’re happy to see the political willingness from a majority of the political parties to prioritize the students’ wellbeing after a long period of restrictions and online teaching. The universities have already planned initiatives to boost the physical study environment when everything reopens. We need a restart with lots of activities and time together, and it will happen in close collaboration with the students and many student organizations,” says Anders Bjarklev, President of the Technical University of Denmark and Chairman of the Danish Rectors’ Conference, (Rektorkollegiet), in the press release.


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The Danish parliament earmarks DKK 100 million to reboot study lifeby

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