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The Danish parliament abolishes its education cap from summer 2020

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A majority of the Danish parliament has voted to abolish the education cap. CBS Students is thrilled by the decision and claims this is a core element in improving student welfare.

News |   20. Feb 2020

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


Since 2017, students at the Danish universities have been barred from enrolling for second bachelor’s degree programs until a minimum of six years had elapsed. From summer 2020, that rule will no longer be in effect, as on Thursday February 20, a majority of the parliament voted to abolish the law.

“The education cap has caused widespread concern among students and fostered uncertainty. Far too many young people took this to mean they must not make the wrong choice, and that created unnecessary pressure. Now we are removing the cap. I hope this move will create more peace and better welfare,” says Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, the Minister for Higher Education and Science in a press release at the Ministry’s website.

Sarah Diemar, President of CBS Students, is thrilled by the decision and explains that CBS Students has supported abolishing the education cap ever since it was introduced.

“It’s really good news. In recent years, we have experienced increasing stress among the students, and we are certain that the freedom to make mistakes and not choose the right education at first attempt will curb some of the stress,” she says and continues:

“For a long time, CBS Students has focused on student welfare, and removing the education cap has always been a core element of improving that welfare.”

In December 2019, the government announced that, with support from a majority of parliament’s parties, it would explore ways to discontinue the education cap. Since then, the proposal has been processed by the parliament, and all parties, except The Liberal Party of Denmark (Venstre) and The Conservative People’s Party, voted in favor.


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The Danish parliament abolishes its education cap from summer 2020by

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