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Campus pastor at CBS helps students tackle life’s problems

Anxiety, competitive culture, and the feeling of being alienated. These are some of the tendencies that the campus pastors at CBS highlighted when students rated the mental study environment at CBS as unsatisfactory in the Educational Environment Assessment published last year. Being a student isn’t easy, and it doesn’t get easier if you’re feeling stressed out or if things aren’t going smoothly on the home front. But help is at hand.

Podcast |   14 Mar 2019

Kasper Christensen


Charlotte Cappi Grunnet is one of two campus pastors at CBS (student chaplains) who provides counseling for students who need it. But what’s it like being a campus pastor and how can students benefit? You can find the answers by listening to our new podcast.

Participants: CBS students Louise Nielsen and Camilla Andersen and the campus pastor, Charlotte Cappi Grunnet.


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