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New dialogue between CBS Management and CBS Students about NEXUS extends alcohol permit

CBS Students and the Senior Management at CBS have had a new dialogue about how Café NEXUS will operate in the future. Here you see Vice President of CBS Students Tomas Vemola outside the café. (Photo: Tomas Vemola)

After a time out between CBS’ Senior Management and CBS Students, a new constructive dialogue results in a renegotiated plan for Café NEXUS.

News |   06. Jul 2022

Emilie Jacobsen

Freelance journalist

In April 2022, the Senior Management at CBS announced that the Thursday bars at Café NEXUS would close from August 1, 2022, as Senior Management felt the parties had turned into club parties.

The students, with CBS Students at the forefront, strongly disagreed with the decision. They also felt unincluded, after years of dialogue, from the final decision to shut down the Thursday parties.

Now CBS Students and the Senior Management of CBS have initiated a new dialogue about Café NEXUS.

“We feel that the Senior Management was very receptive to our visions for NEXUS, and what we needed for them to be realized,” says Vice President of CBS Students Tomas Vemola.

The dialogue therefore resulted in an extended alcohol permit. Initially, Senior Management had proposed that NEXUS should be allowed to serve alcohol from 17:00 to 20:00 Monday to Thursday, but this was changed to 15:00 to 20:00 after the dialogue with CBS Students.

Also on Fridays, CBS Students was able to sway the Senior Management into permitting alcohol to be served from 15:00 to 22:00, instead of 17:00 to 20:00 as initially proposed by Senior Management.

The Senior Management states that it is pleased to have engaged in the new dialogue.

“We have been happy with the discussions we’ve had with CBS Students, which have resulted in adjustments to the Senior Management’s initial proposal. For example, the dialogue prompted solutions on Fridays that will help people across the different study fields to meet, more like at traditional Friday bars,” says acting CBS President Inger Askehave.

It is top priority for CBS to have a great study environment where students can meet new people and thrive

Inger Askehave, acting CBS President

Thursday parties are still off

Thursday bars will not be reinstated, however, even after the new dialogue. Tomas Vemola does nothing to hide that if CBS Students had made the decision, the bars would definitely have continued.

“The Thursday bars were a big part of NEXUS. Both as a brand and financially. Since they are not returning, we face major work on altering the structure of Café NEXUS. We will have to transform it from a bar into more of a student café like Studenterhuset in central Copenhagen,” Tomas Vemola says.

He explains that the new activities at NEXUS will focus more on bonding than on drinking. For instance, with boardgame nights where alcoholic drinks may be served, but where the focus is on social interaction.

“We have plenty of work ahead of us to transform NEXUS in line with the new rules. We will take it as an opportunity to adapt NEXUS to suit what the student’s want in accordance with the new rules,” explains Tomas Vemola.

One source for discovering students’ opinions on NEXUS is the Student Senate Hearings, which will be attended by representatives from the different student boards. One was held immediately after the new rules for NEXUS were issued in April, and CBS Students is planning another in the autumn when the fall term has begun.

NEXUS is important for student life

Although Café NEXUS is facing massive changes, both the Senior Management and CBS Students agree it remains an essential part of student life at CBS.

“It is top priority for CBS to have a great study environment where students can meet new people and thrive, and where there is room for having a beer and a good time – for example at NEXUS, ECO or the semester start celebrations,” says Inger Askehave.

Tomas Vemola agrees that NEXUS is vital for student life at CBS.

“We want NEXUS to be a venue for both meeting people you already know and making new acquaintances while bonding over social activities. We still want NEXUS to be a social focus point at CBS, but with the change of rules, it might be serving a slightly different group of people in the future. It will still be there, but just not in its familiar form,” says Tomas Vemola.

The new rules will come into effect on August 1, 2022.


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New dialogue between CBS Management and CBS Students about NEXUS extends alcohol permitby

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