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Take a sneak peek inside the old police station that is being transformed into Student and Innovation House

Right now, the old police station in Frederiksberg is wrapped in scaffolding, but inside, construction workers are demolishing walls and floors ready for Student and Innovation House to move in by semester start in the fall.

News / Film |   06 Feb 2020

Anne M. Lykkegaard


The transformation of the 100-year-old police station in Frederiksberg into Student and Innovation House in full swing. And by early fall 2020, it will be opening its doors to innovative students from all around Copenhagen.

The students behind the project have raised the funds themselves. A total of DKK 52.2 million. The initiative has been supported by the Nordea Foundation, the VILLUM Foundation, the Knud Højgaard Foundation, the Augustinus Foundation, the Frederiksberg Foundation, and the Weimann Foundation.


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