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Hejsa! I’m Madina Balgabek, a 25-year-old Kazakh living in Vesterbro with my Danish husband. I use writing as a self-esteem tool to help me get through life with humor and honesty. Besides writing, I love drinking tea and talking about tea, cooking and boxing at Fitness World.


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“I feel like a whore”

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5 tips for students and other traveling enthusiasts who want to go to Japan

If you come to Japan as an exchange student like me, or as a tourist, there are things to do and to be aware of. The internet is bursting with articles about Japanese culture and all the dos and don’ts. But I would like to introduce you to my top 5 tips.

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Favorite cafés in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto… it’s all about food 🤗

Living in the nation that is obsessed with kaizen, continuous improvement, CBS student Madina Balgabek starts noticing it in everyday life. "Japan is very good at incremental innovation and the things they come up with are so different from Europe that it leaves most people thinking ‘wow’," she says. Check out her top seven favorite places in her blog post.

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Japanese student café offers a free drink every 90 minutes😄

Madina Balgabeks loves the perks of student life at Waseda University. Cafés that offer students a free drink every 90 minutes, free Wi-Fi, water and seating for as many hours as you want. And stimulating experiences in class, for example, where one of her professors brought tennis rackets to class, resulting in tennis balls flying around the room!

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Living in Tokyo: A real hassle just to find a tiny room

Finding accommodation in Tokyo might be tricky, considering the size of the population and the number of international students who come and go or come and stay. So Madina Balgabek started looking for a place as soon as she applied for the exchange program, but she quickly found out that it wasn't easy at all.


When Men in Black make errors

Have you ever wondered about the limitations of human consciousness? I want to talk about depersonalization disorder. Depersonalization is a peculiar feeling of observing your own consciousness outside your body – at least that would be my way of defining it. It sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it?

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Madina eats her way through Japan

Bento boxes, cheap ramen soup, and crazy expensive apples. Madina Balgabek is doing her second exchange in Japan, this time as part of her Master's at CBS, and one way to get to know East Asian culture is to enjoy the food.


Denmark taught me to smile😊

Smiling was the first thing that I noticed when moving to Denmark from the Kazakh culture. I was shocked that everybody smiles at you and you automatically smile back.