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Daiana Contini

Student Reporter / Photographer

Hi! I’m Daiana Contini, 24 and on the last semester of my Master’s degree in Business and Development Studies. Because of the scope of my Master program, I decided to spend some months in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to conduct fieldwork. At the same time, I’ll be doing an internship at a community advocacy NGO called Catalytic Communities. My time in Brazil will be full of work, but also a lot of sunshine, smiles and unpronounceable fruits. The first time I saw Rio de Janeiro, about two years ago, I was struck by its beauty. I promised myself I would come back to stay for a little while. I’m happy to share with you – through my words and through my lens – how that promise is turning out.

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5 tips to Rio: Live with Brazilians and get to know people from all over the country

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My favorite spot in Rio: Urca – a very chilled, quiet neighborhood and good for any kind of mood

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Rio’s Favelas are not what you think they are

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Living in Rio de Janeiro: “It’s easy! Except I decided to arrive during the busiest time”

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CBS student from Rio de Janeiro: The greatest party in the world

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Welcome to the Marvelous City


The Dean of Education: We can experiment more with experiential teaching

The Dean of Education at CBS, Gregor Halff, salutes the teachers who have the courage to experiment with experiential teaching, and says it’s among CBS’ future goals. However, scale and resources are always a challenge.


Unique field-based program in Uganda is a playground for students

Only one program at CBS allows students to take hands-on classes in the field, spend up to three weeks in a developing country, and work with a local partner university. Over the last eight years, Associate Professor Thilde Langevang – together with her colleague Søren Jeppesen – has organized this unique study program, and she wants experiential learning to play a greater role in CBS’ future plans.


From the Pearl of Africa to the Land of ‘Hygge’

A unique collaboration between CBS and Makerere University Business School in Uganda has made it possible for two Ugandan students, Geoffrey Ayebare and Catherine Nabaloga, to visit CBS. Curious to hear about their impressions of Copenhagen and CBS, student writer Daiana Contini set up a meeting with them.

Photo essay

What does sustainability look like?

Clothes made out of trash. Food sharing. Sorting waste. A man on a bike. Sustainability comes in many facets, and the student organization, CBS Photography, make suggestions as to what sustainability looks like through their photo exhibition, which is displayed in front of Café Nexus. The photo exhibition is part of the event, Green Week, which has been going on throughout the last several days.

Photo essay

CBS students help female asylum seekers get closer to the Danish job market

At Avnstrup Asylcenter, female asylum seekers are crocheting themselves closer to the Danish job market with the help from Emilie Bruun Poulsen and Marie-Louise Reade Lomholt, the founders of the CBS start-up Novaheim. CBS WIRE's student reporter Daiana Contini went to Avnstrup to see the project unfold.

(Photo: Sarah Jensen, Business and Development Studies, CBS)


From the books to the field: CBS goes to Uganda

24 CBS students switched out their CBS classrooms for the African heat, when they went to Uganda for field research as part of their Master's program in Business, Language and Culture.

Cover story

Seher shaves her head for charity

Shaving off one’s hair would be a challenge for most - but not for CBS Student Seher Cam. She has been dreaming about it since she was 18 years old and now she is doing it for a good cause. Her hair will be donated to a wig manufacturer to create wigs for children with cancer.