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Need help settling in Copenhagen? Rukun Munshi has made a solution to help international students in Denmark

A lot of international students are struggling getting settled when they move to Copenhagen. Now a group of innovative CBS students has founded their own company called HOOSET, which aims to help students with all the practicalities necessary for living in Copenhagen.

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One of the world’s largest case competitions: This year, with more than 4,000 students expected to participate

The CBS Case Competition is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Twelve of the best teams are flying in to Copenhagen while 4,000 students will compete online in the GLOBAL version of the case competition. CBS WIRE’s student writer Petra Mladá sat down to talk with Amalie Dam and Mie Dehn Møller, the Steering Committee, about the history and future of the CBS Case Competitions.

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How three CBS students changed the way legal aid runs, took on 20 advisors and helped 250 people last month alone

“The whole process of putting together a team, recruiting people and how you engage with different people are aspects I’ve learned a lot from. I never knew how hard hiring people would be," says one of the three founders of Retshjælperen. They are constantly searching for more advisors among CBS and KU students.

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CBS GLOBE students are building a school for 300 kids in Zambia – one brick at a time

"What would be the coolest thing we could do?" five students from Denmark, Hong Kong and the U.S. asked themselves. A pile of work later, they found a small non-profit organization from Zambia led by a professor at the University of Lusaka. And that was just what they were hoping to find.