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Lukas Elias Kohl

Student writer

Hi, my name is Lukas. I am 27 years old, and born and raised in Linz, Austria. Having visited Copenhagen for the first time in 2010, just after I finishing high school, one thing was certain: I loved the city and I saw myself living there one day. Fast forward to August 2017: I start my Masters in Service Management at CBS. My plan is to stay here for a while. Apart from being a full-time student, I have a pretty busy calendar packed with events and activities revolving mostly about music and the arts. When I’m not busy studying or ‘digging’ for records (or ‘black gold’ as I like to call it), you’ll most probably find me in cafés along Istedgade or somewhere by the water exploring the Danish coastal areas with my fishing rod. And on weekends, there’s a strong chance our paths will cross at the Jolene Bar in Kødbyen.


Radio Never Dies!

"Has radio lost its magic or did it disappear under the shadow of Spotify and co.?" asks our music blogger Lukas Elias Kohl. He’s found some great community-run radio stations that stream via the internet in Copenhagen – and looks over the bridge towards our Swedish neighbors where he’s found some "thrilling projects". Check out his nice and nerdy guide to community- and web-based radio stations in the Øresund. Tune in!


Eager to go back to summer? Here is Lukas’ guide to a magically laid-back and relaxed island

I can imagine that I am not the only person that might have similar thoughts when the semester had kicked off and the weather in the Danish capital had changed back to being rough and uninviting: A vacation right now, in a warm and sunny place would be ideal before returning back to 'reality'. CBS WIRE's blogger, Lukas Kohl brings summer back with his city guide to Catania and eastern Sicily. Enjoy!


Digging for ‘black gold’: Lukas’ guide to Copenhagen’s best record shops

In my first guide for CBS WIRE, I would like to share my passion for discovering music on vinyl by inviting you to a virtual tour of my five favorite places in the Danish capital that are devoted to the sale of black gold. I have been collecting records for approximately five years now and the music I’ve bought on vinyl has far outnumbered my digital purchases in the last three years.