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Jake Whitaker


Hello! My name is Jake Whitaker and I am a full-year exchange student from the University of Bristol, UK. Coming to a business school has been a strange experience for me, not only because I study Politics and Economics, but also because my home university doesn’t even offer business. Meaning the business-centric nature of CBS has been somewhat of a shock. However, being here has been invaluable and I hope to share some of what I have experienced.

I hope to shed light on what it’s like to be British living in Copenhagen and share some of the funny things I have noticed about Denmark from a British perspective.


Five great things to do in Copenhagen now the sun is (finally) out

It’s no secret that winters in Copenhagen can be bleak; in the deepest depths of December I was going to class in the dark and coming home in the dark. Even coming from England (where the weather is not known to be the best), the dark and cold winter did seem to drag on. But in the last few weeks it seems that the sun has peeped its sleepy head out from behind the clouds; spring has officially sprung! Despite not quite being shorts weather, it’s still warm enough to get out and about and enjoy the wonder of Copenhagen in the sun! I’ve been in and around the city and found some truly wonderful things to do now the sun is (finally) out!


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