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How to date a Dane in springtime

Dating a Dane is no easy task – but if you want to give it a shot, springtime is ideal.

Late spring in Denmark. The birds are chirping; the trees are in bloom; and the Danes are out and about. Pale from a long winter with no sun, the cold-hearted Northerners have now left their suit of winter armor at home.

Bewildered by the sun’s warmth, they sit in the sun to recharge their D-vitamin batteries, getting a faint taint of life back on their cheeks. Due to the lack of sun and warmth, the Danes are vulnerable during the spring. They are simply confused – and you can use this to your advantage in your amorous pursuit of a Dane.

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts:

1: Weather-talk:  If you find a cute Dane hanging around outside, a good first move would be to talk about the weather. Danes are obsessed about the weather. Usually Danes complain about it, but during the spring months, everybody gets all excited about rising temperatures and trees in bloom. So, should you.

2: Jealous affair: If you are from a country blessed with more hours of sun, don’t even think about mentioning it. Danes love sunny weather, but your first move should not be to make them jealous.

3:Hygge’: As soon as you’ve the conversation going, you might discover that the Danes are quite difficult to engage with. As the Swedes, Norwegians and to some extent the Finns, we are shy a shy and introverted bunch. But there’s a trick: ‘hygge’. If you manage to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, you will soon get to see, how your Dane begins to relax and becomes more comfortable in your company.

4: Personal space: But don’t get too enthusiastic around your Dane. Even though, you’ve been dating for a little while, the Danes care a lot about their personal space. Unless they are drunk. You don’t want to invade a Dane’s personal space too soon. A few compliments will not give you a one-way ticket to the kissing part. Although compliments might be more effective during the spring than in the summer. Refer to the part about the Danes not having their wits about them in the spring.

5: The kiss: Things takes time with the Danes. But when it comes to romance, it’s time well spent. When the chemistry is there and the eye contact has gone from short and hectic to long and longing, it’s about time to get physical in terms of kissing. There’s no one certain way to kiss in Denmark, but as the Danes are a bit introverted, you probably shouldn’t deep-throat the person right away. Go for the gentle and subtle approach.

6: Happily, ever after: Danes are a loyal people. So if you’ve kissed, you have given away your life to monogamy. Congratulations.