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09 May Lecture

One screen to rule them all? A conversation with professor Bent Meier Sørensen

Event |   25. Apr 2019



CBS Library Forum - Solbjerg Plads lower ground floor
Solbjerg Plads 3
2000 Frederiksberg


Start: 09/05/2019 17:00
End: 09/05/2019 18:30


CBS Library Forum



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Screens are everywhere these days, seducing us with their power and at times, it seems, making us think we are invisible. Indeed, in his recent book, Professor Bent Meier Sørensen (Department of Management, Politics, and Philosophy) has compared us, with our smartphones and tablets and laptops, to the wretched Gollum in Tolkien’s the Lord of the Rings.

In this last CBS Library Forum event this semester, CBS writing consultant Thomas Basbøll will engage Professor Bent Meier Sørensen in a discussion on a range of related issues: from fake news to big data, from social media to artificial intelligence, from Gollum, if you will, to the Golem, we will try to make sense of the technology that increasingly holds us in its sway.

Bent Meier Sørensens book Skærmens Magi/The Magic of the Screen has been selected by The Danish Arts Foundation as one of ten non-fiction books from 2018 to be promoted abroad. Incidentally, the book has also been nominated for the Blixen Literary Award for "Best Non-Fiction of 2018.”