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17 Nov Activities

How to beat the half marathon records .. in a costume?

|   14. Nov 2018



CBS – SPs11
Solbjerg Plads
2000 Fredeiksberg


Start: 17/11/2018 15:00
End: 17/11/2018 18:00



Imagine yourself crossing the bridge between Funen and Sealand. You are accompanied by thousands of fellow runners – some because they have a dream about finishing their first half marathon, some because they are part of a team; and some because they are in it to win it. Now, imagine you are in a costume, clapping the hands of thousands of spectators all with a big smile as they appreciate your effort, your creativity and your curiosity to do something different.

CBS Running wants to give students a unique opportunity. An opportunity not only to run a half marathon, not only to run in a costume, but to make an attempt to beat the world record of fastest half marathon on a costume. To be a part of a team that proves how much fun it is possible to have while pushing it through 21,097 km – and to get CBS into the world records.

CBS Running has sent an application to Guiness World Records to make an attempt to be the fastest group running in a costume. We have contacted Lillebælt Half Marathon who are happy to sponsor our start numbers, and we are excited to clap hands and go through a unique running experience as part of a CBS team, but we still need to create a costume that can endure the 21,097 KM. Therefore, we invite all interrrested students to come brainstorm with us.