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24 Apr Lecture

Danish Science Festival 2019: Four PhD Talks

Event |   10. Apr 2019



CBS Library Forum - Solbjerg Plads lower ground floor
Solbjerg Plads 3
2000 Frederiksberg


Start: 24/04/2019 13:30
End: 24/04/2019 16:00


CBS Library Forum



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Join CBS Library for an afternoon of cool, new CBS research. Meet 4 PhD fellows from across CBS who will present and discuss their very different research projects, from Data Driven Retention to Blockchain-based Accounting and High-Frequency Trading to Sexual Harassment in Organizations.

So if you want to make the most of your Wednesday afternoon, CBS Library Forum is the place to be.



Povl Heiberg Gad, Department of Digitalization

Data Driven Retention

The information stored in your CRM database might be of much greater value than you think. For instance, they might be fuelled into tools that predict churn. With such a tool in hand, you will be able to proactively work with retention of customers, clients or members. But such a transformation is tricky and might face issues technically as well as legally, not at least after the GDPR acts. In other words, it is a treasure chest surrounded by pit traps.

Industrial PhD fellow Povl Gad researches methods of churn prediction and retention in this cross-disciplinary project. He works with the case organization HK, one of the large Danish trade unions, organizing 170.000 laborers. Povl combines big data analysis with qualitative research in order to help the union retain more members while maintaining high ethical standards and its societal responsibility.

14:10 - 14:40

Jonas Sveistrup Søgaard, Department of Accounting

Blockchain-based Accounting: Exploiting the Potential of Distributed Ledger Technology for Financial Reporting Automation

The scientific goal of the project is: (1) to evaluate how a blockchain-enabled platform for a B2B shared invoicing system can be designed to achieve reliable VAT settlement as well as automated and credible financial reporting; and (2) to contribute to the field of accounting in relation to how distributed ledger technology (DLT), including blockchain, influences financial reporting and controls in inter-organizational relationships.

Industrial PhD fellow Jonas Sveistrup Søgaard has the Danish Business Authority as main case and will interview test companies with evaluating the prototype described above. Deloitte in Denmark is funding the research and the goal is (1) to assist Deloitte in developing insights and specific solutions for the Danish as well as the international DLT advisory markets; and (2) to provide timely understanding for other functions in Deloitte (Audit, Tax, and Risk Advisory) on how markets may be altered and how current approaches and methods (including audit methodologies) need to adapt.


Bontu Lucie Guschke, Department of Organization

Sexual Harassment in Organizations

Recent events have highlighted that sexual harassment is still a pressing problem. There is an urgent need for change in workplaces as well as social settings. In her research project, PhD fellow Bontu Lucie Guschke is studying sexual harassment in organizations. She is exploring the concept of sexual harassment, investigating how it is understood, made sense of, and negotiated between people in contemporary organizations. Her first, preliminary data shows that sexual harassment is not only widespread but also normalized. At the same time, people seem to have very different understandings of what sexual harassment means, where it starts and stops, and how they perceive it.

It is very important to Bontu also to use her work for positive social change. Using the nuanced knowledge from this study for research-based interventions, she seeks to develop new and thoughtful ways of dealing with sexual harassment in organizations. As a part of the Department of Organization as well as CBS’ Diversity & Difference platform, she believes that conducting a PhD on this topic will provide a valuable contribution to both research and practice


Pankaj Kumar, Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy

Deep Agent-Based Model for High Frequency Trading

The high-frequency traders have taken open outcry floor trading markets to the world of algorithms operating at the frequencies of nanosecond and perhaps even the pico- or femtosecond, which is beyond human imagination. This has created challenges for academicians, regulators, and traders to understand the market, where a flash crash is common phenomenon.

PhD fellow Pankaj Kumar plans to develop a realistic simulation framework current market using deep agent-based model to get a better understanding of interactions among algorithms in markets, which lead to crash.