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25 Mar Lecture

Clement – Is Democracy in Crisis?

|   13. Feb 2019



Ovnhallen, Porcelænshaven 24A, 2000 Frederiksberg


Start: 25/03/2019 17:15
End: 25/03/2019 19:00


International Debate CBS



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Are we witnessing a meltdown of the liberal order as we know it today? Is democracy as a phenomenon in crisis – and what can we then expect for the future?

In the very week of BREXIT, we are pleased to inform you that we will have the prize-winning journalist and editor Clement Kjersgaard out for a talk on the status of democracy.
We live in a time of change, with the Brits trying to leave the EU, a US backing out of several international agreements and even the French-German core is having troubles. And what happened to the Arab spring?
In the meanwhile, the Chinese are strengthening their role with the enormous belt and road initiative and Russian interference in democratic elections has become a part of a new reality.

What does this mean? Is democracy in crisis?