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28 Oct Culture

CBS Wine | Beginner’s Tasting

Event |   19. Oct 2017



Krystalgade 18, Vinoble Skt. Petri
1172 København


Start: 28/10/2017 16:00
End: 28/10/2017 18:00


CBS Wine


DKK 199.00 + DKK 13.68 fee

More info

It's time for another Beginner's Tasting!

This time we’ll focus exclusively on white wine.

We’ve chosen to narrow our focus for this Beginner's Tasting in order for you to get a deeper and more elaborate understanding of how grapes differ and how the same grape can express itself differently when produced across countries.

You’ll be tasting 8 wines from around the globe, to thoroughly teach you the similarities and differences that can be expected between grapes and regions. *Plus all attendees will be welcomed with a glass of Champagne from the iconic organic producer Leclerc-Briant!

Without revealing too much names like Lucien LeMoine, a legendary wine maker from Burgundy, and the US producer, Columbia Crest, will be on the menu for this late afternoon tasting.

Furthermore, we have partnered up with the incredible wine merchant Vinoble Skt. Petri to secure you an extraordinary price on this tasting – offered to you at approx. half the usual retail price.

We expect this Beginner's Tasting to sell out fast, so make sure to secure your ticket now - last time we had a Beginner's Tasting it was gone in a matter of a few hours!