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30 Nov Lecture


Event |   14. Nov 2017



Solbjerg Plads 3, SP210


Start: 30/11/2017 15:30
End: 30/11/2017 17:30


Department of Marketing



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Organizations are increasingly focused on how they can use Big Data technology for both incremental and disruptive initiatives. Billions of dollars are spent on installing this technology, yet the return on these investments is often unsatisfying. These Big Data shortcomings are partly due to managers’ mindsets which restrict the optimal strategic use of new technology.

This new managerial mindset approach represents a useful management tool to help managers identify and align their mindsets both internally and with the strategic orientation of the organization as well as externally with stakeholder expectations. Such an alignment improves overall efficiency and enables organizations to act proactively and to fend off disruptive newcomers.

The new book release on “Disrupt your mindset to transform your business with Big Data” (also in Danish) explains why disruption is less about technology and more about mindset. The three authors challenge the assumption that new technology drives (disruptive) innovation and illustrate how mindset plays an equally important role for success with Big Data technology. They introduce case examples to illustrate how four different managerial mindsets each uniquely drives the way in which Big Data technology is adopted and utilized across industries.

15:30 - Registration
15:45 - How does Big Data become Big Business
16.10 - Mind your Mindset (mental models and four managerial mindsets)
16.30 - Three cases illustrating the disruption of Mindsets
16:50 - Your Mindset and how it affects your organization
17:00 - Mingling and wine
17:30 - Thank you for today

Torsten Ringberg, Professor, Department of Marketing, CBS
Pernille Rydén, Associate Professor, Head of Studies at DTU and external lecturer at Department of Marketing, CBS.
Per Østergaard Jacobsen, Management Consultant and external lecturer at Department of Marketing, CBS.