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Professor’s defense of Danske Bank is to be discussed by Academic Council

The current policy on good research communication practice needs to be revised, argues Søren Hvidkjær, the Dean of Research. He has asked the Academic Council to discuss the matter in the wake of criticism raised by other researchers in the media, in light of CBS Professor Steen Thomsen’s defense of Danske Bank in the newspaper Børsen. Furthermore, he wants the council to give their input on the appointment of a new Vice Dean of Research Communication.

CBS wants to turn down the tobacco industry

The Senior Management at CBS recommends a policy where CBS does not accept any kind of funding directly from tobacco companies. If the policy is decided on, it may result in a stop of the sale of tobacco on CBS’ campus. But that is up for discussion. The Senior Management will make the final decision in the Autumn, and it can potentially make CBS a frontrunner among other Danish universities.

We should try something else than ‘business as usual’

She wants to shake up the silo mentality and the 'that's how we normally do it' approach. She wants to experiment, for example, replacing one process owner with a collective. It might be better. It might not. But it is worth a try. CBS Wire talked to Kirsten Winther Jørgensen about her first one and a half year in the chair as CBS' university director, building trust at a university where confidence in the Senior Management had taken a bit of a blow, and a look into the future.