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Copenhagen Business School

Will Denmark kick out Gerardo again?

Newly graduated CBS student, Gerardo José Lopez Rodriguez, must be the Danish society’s dream international student. Hard working, fluently speaking in Danish, and paying for his whole education at CBS himself. Nonetheless, he was kicked out of Denmark in the fall of 2016 due to working 63,5 hours too much over the course of four months. Read the insane story of how Gerardo has fought his way back and tackled one obstacle after the other. Maybe he’ll get to stay for good this time?

CBS and UN come Together to Get More Women in Leading Positions

CBS is worst in class in terms of gender diversity compared to other Danish universities. Now, the President of CBS is joining a newly establish initiative by the UN Women Nordic Office and The Boston Consulting Group to support more women to take on leading positions, despite not having any set goals for the future.

Seher shaves her head for charity

Shaving off one’s hair would be a challenge for most - but not for CBS Student Seher Cam. She has been dreaming about it since she was 18 years old and now she is doing it for a good cause. Her hair will be donated to a wig manufacturer to create wigs for children with cancer.

Blended learning: A fancy buzzword or a necessity?

The traditional educational set-up of a teacher standing in front of a blackboard will be replaced by online courses, board games and silent reflection in a new phenomenon known as ‘blended learning’. CBS aims to implement it by 2022, but students and teachers argue that it can’t come soon enough.