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Once upon a time… 100 years ago

Photo by Alessandro Ronchi

For the first time ever, CBS has a memorial plaque situated in the heart of Copenhagen. 100 years ago today, 1917 on the 1st of October, the first students attended their first class at what would eventually evolve into the prestigious institution that is CBS.

News |   05. Oct 2017

David Fulop

Student Editor


Photo from the book: CBS Gennem 100 År

The købmandsskolen (Trader’s School), which later evolved into what is now CBS, was a small wing of the large, demonstrative building of the Handelhøjskolen, a business school for teenagers. The entrance to the wing was on Rosengården, a small tranquil street that branches out from Kultorvet.

Photo by Alessandro Rochi

The memorial plaque is situated beside an inconspicuous door that was used on a daily basis by young businessmen who discreetly went to class after work. In a time when macho bravado was fueled by the Great War, serious professionals did not want anything to do with impulsive, fledgling teenagers.

Photo from the book: CBS Gennem 100 År

Despite the majority of men going off to battle, women still did not have a place in education or the classroom. Only men of the upper class had the opportunity and the right to attend classes. The købmandsskolen was no exception.

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