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New national funding system for education is “opaque” and “complex”

CBS got off cheap after a new national funding system affecting all higher education institutions has been announced. The new system will not cause a deficit in CBS’ budget, but it will not solve some of the financial challenges that CBS is facing. The University Director and the President of CBS Students describe the new system as “opaque” and “complex”.

Brain drain: 56 % of the international students leave DK after graduating from CBS

It’s a bad sign that international graduates tend to leave Denmark, and Wilbert van der Meer, the Director of Dean’s Office, describes the tendency as ”unfortunate” and ”worrying”. Because of this, CBS is about to launch different initiatives which include a Job Search Academy and a review of all the programs to ensure that the chances of getting a job and retaining the students becomes higher.

IT Support’s Christmas Wishes: No paper jams and a telephone-robot

If you had unlimited resources and access to technology that has not even been invented yet, what would you then want for Christmas? Maybe a flying car or a machine to record your dreams and play it as a movie. At IT Support, they want something as simple as a printer that is paper jam proof and a telephone-robot that could redirect the users who are in need of help.

CBS has got all gender toilets signs – what do you think about them?

CBS has decided to change the signs by the toilets at the Solbjerg Plads campus so as to include people of all genders. The newest addition is a person split in two; one half being female and the other male. But for a little while longer a sign with a mother who is changing her baby’s diapers can still be found at CBS. And that is sending mixed messages, explains a gender researcher at CBS.

Around the world in three semesters

Anne Katrine Kiær Troelsen, Philip Piasecki, and Winnie Cheung are spending the next three semesters studying in Denmark, Hong Kong, and the USA as a part of the program called GLOBE. They are taking their place among 54 hand-picked undergraduates who get the chance to travel and Study at the three corners of Earth.

CBS gets its hands on a gold mine of data

CBS has become in charge of coordinating the new data platform Danish Research Data for the Social Sciences (DRDS). It gives easier access to humongous amounts of data, which Denmark is world renowned for collecting and preserving. “The only limit is your imagination,” says the Dean of Research at CBS about the endless possibilities of the new data platform.

Can Søren Kirkegaard help us to become more flexible in an ever-changing society?

Students need to be better prepared for changes in order to cope with the fast development of society. For this to be so, Søren Pind, the Minister of Higher Education and Science, during his visit to CBS on the 30th of November, argued that students should take a course that embraces subjects such as philosophy, ethics, tech, and culture. Students are hesitant about the idea.

They are their own interns

Running a start-up while studying and working on the side can be a tough game to play. There is no way to make the day longer, but there is a way to get more time to work on your start-up. Marc Pascal Landgreen and Marie-Louise Reade Lomholt, both CBS students, are currently doing an internship in their own business. And apart from moving their business forward, they also get 15 ECTS for doing the internship.

A break from the super-humans

Did you know that Sct. Thomas Church at Frederiksberg is a church for students? Maybe you are thinking, what do I need a church for? According to Søren Kjær Bruun, one of the two university pastors at CBS, the church can suffice as a place where students no matter their religion can “get a break” and “where no one expects anything of you."

Professor: ”It is incredibly anxiety-provoking”

Mitchell Dean, Professor at CBS, has served as an external examiner and has held a Ph.D. course outside of CBS. This has resulted in a delay of his work permit and his partner’s work permit application was put on hold, as sideline activities are a violation of Danish rules. Now he’s waiting for a final answer as to whether he will be fined. CBS WIRE has talked to The Minister of Higher Education and Science, who says that the problems the rules have caused is “a stupid case.”

Get spanked in the butt or muck out the hen house

Spanking and naked sauna sessions with the boss have been part of the management style at the Danish film company, Zentropa, for years. Many dissociate themselves from such absurd behavior, but this informal way of practicing leadership is not an isolated case. Along with two CBS professors, CBS WIRE will look into this phenomenon, which also reflects a general tendency within management today.

Per Holten-Andersen: “Talented researchers are criminalized for sharing their knowledge”

Without an extra working permit, CBS researchers from outside of the EU can get fined by the Danish police if they do research related work outside of CBS. Now, the presidents of the eight Danish universities have started an inquiry in order to change the rule, which the President of CBS, Per Holten-Andersen describes as “bureaucracy at its worst.” Professor MSO Brooke Harrington from CBS risks to get fined.

Can odd socks become a start-up? Yes, they can

Alexander Morabbi Wulsch, CBS student and founder of URU Design, grew up in a household where the laundry machine was always buzzing and pairing socks became a daunting task. That's why the family came up with the idea of SOLOSOCKS. Since then, the idea has turned into a business with several employees, a successful crowdfunding campaign, and a new office in Germany. The CBS student shares his thoughts on what he learns in school and how it is woven into the sock start-up.

CBS’ 100 years in 40 minutes

The first ever historical documentary about CBS’ 100 years in the making is available for everyone to see. The film is in commemoration of CBS’ 100 years-old existence and it follows five eras of CBS history.

Banks love Female Invest at CBS

An organization driven by CBS students want to break the barriers and close the gender gap for investors. And it turns out to be a brilliant idea. Banks are eager to connect with Female Invest and their investment groups.

Here’s the successor to the internet – and we don’t quite understand it

Blockchain technology will revolutionize the world just like the internet did, according to experts. The technology is still in its early stages, and its implications are tricky to grasp. In a new cohort-project, four Ph.D.-students from four different departments at CBS dive into the new technology and answer some of the questions it raises.

CBS receives DKK 25 million to research and research-based teaching

The future looks a little bit brighter for research and research-based teaching at CBS next year, as the Danish government has decided to grant extra money towards research. According to Dean of Research at CBS, Peter Møllgaard, this amount permits CBS to hire extra 30 – 40 new researchers in the coming years. At the same time, he points out that CBS still lacks about a quarter of a billion DKK compared to other universities in Denmark.

Why do we speak English in a Danish university?

There is a constant struggle with the language barriers that spring up between Danish and international researchers, staff, and students. Now, CBS is promoting inclusion, information, and identity. The end goal… action!

Hey teacher, what kind of a dancer are you?

“Don’t just take up the same waltz as others, create your own dance,” says Mark Brown, professor in digital learning, Dublin City University, Ireland. He encourages the initiators at CBS to remember that blended isn’t just a big idea in itself, rather, it should serve big ideas in students when they kick off their new five-year blended learning project.