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The Challenging Mission

Researchers are not good enough at talking about stress, whereas Communications seem to handle stress rather well. What ever the case, we need to change how we talk about stress, CBS staff and postdoc both agree upon.

Action, hands-on and influence

Students and small companies are often a perfect match, as they are looking for the same qualities, say the company PL&Partners and students from CBS and the University of Copenhagen.

CBS is battling increasing stress

The latest satisfaction survey at CBS reveals that employees are becoming more stressed every year. CBS tries to battle the increase with anti-stress initiatives, and they seem to work, says HRD Consultant Trine Madsen from CBS.

More than every other CBS-student is stressed

Stress is becoming the new normal at CBS, as 56 percent of its students feel stressed. CBS Students and the senior management take this very seriously and want to initiate concrete solutions from September this year.

Top CEOs: Travel, learn languages and be human

It’s not only about getting good grades and be hard working to succeed in the future job market. The business leaders, Stina Vrang Elias, Richard Emerton and Louise Seest put emphasis on the importance of being curious to the world, critical and human as crucial competences.

CBS report: Students are lacking competences for the future job market

Master students find it difficult when it comes to getting the right skills and competences for future jobs, a new CBS report presented to 600 CEOs today shows. The gap between what is taught at CBS, and what competences will be needed in the labor market only seems to grow bigger, argues professor at CBS.

Be selfish – take a break

Taking a break or two during the day is not a waste of time – actually it makes you far more efficient. And if you take some time to watch CBS WIRE's aquarium, research from CBS and other universities shows it can calm you down on a stressful day.

Blended Learning: Silence is Golden

Having created an increase in efficiency and creativity amongst employers and employees, the question lies in whether silence is also the vital element needed to produce a better learning environment here at CBS. A class of graduate students had a short introduction to the possibilities of silent co-creation.

The industry is missing out on the opportunities of eye tracking

Eye tracking technology is the key to unlock the secrets of consumer behavior. That's why Associate Professor, Jesper Clement wants to give companies access to the eye tracking lab at CBS – hoping to create a network for collecting data for future research.

I spy with my little eye

The space-age, eye-tracking glasses can give insights into what we look at when we go shopping. Combined with brain-imaging techniques, this technology has helped us to understand how humans make decisions. In the future, eye-tracking technology will make shopping even easier.

YES! We are finally here! Welcome to CBS WIRE

CBS WIRE is your new independent, journalistic platform. It consists of the digital news site you’re reading for the very first time right now – as well as our various social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

How CBS WIRE got its name

Wire is strong and binds things together. Two qualities that are synonymous with the new CBS media and the reason why it got this name.