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Feedback: From worst in class to lots of initiatives

CBS is worst in class when it comes to giving sufficient feedback to the students. To make up for this, a pilot project with the aim of giving selected students more feedback, in the form of quizzes, click tests, and Q&A sessions, has been running for the past year. A professor of feedback asks that CBS remembers to look at feedback in a broader sense.

F1 keys: And then there were none

Someone has been stealing the F1 button from the keyboards in the exam room at Dalgas Have campus, and this has caused problems for the IT department. The campus desk coordinator, Pernille Kjærsgaard asks that they be returned, as there are serious costs involved with replacing the keyboards.

Fake news fighter: Nation sponsored dis-information worries me

The EU Commission has appointed CBS Professor, Ravi Vatrapu, along with four other global experts to advise on a code of practice on how to stop the spreading of fake news and disinformation. Ravi Vatrapu is confident about the future, but nation-state sponsored disinformation on social media worries him.

They are disrupting CFO conferences and gathered 400 CFOs

After a smashing success and the organizing of the largest CFO conference in Scandinavia, the founders of CFO Insights are planning to pass on the torch to a new generation of students. They want to help CFOs transition into their new role and their company to become a talent factory for students.

CBS wants to turn down the tobacco industry

The Senior Management at CBS recommends a policy where CBS does not accept any kind of funding directly from tobacco companies. If the policy is decided on, it may result in a stop of the sale of tobacco on CBS’ campus. But that is up for discussion. The Senior Management will make the final decision in the Autumn, and it can potentially make CBS a frontrunner among other Danish universities.

Now international researchers can legally do sideline activities, but…

A new law reform is now making it possible for researchers to engage in sideline activities without having to apply for an extra work permit. However, the new law does not apply to all, and it is receiving a lukewarm reception from CBS researchers who have been affected by the previous law.

They make their own chewing gum

What started off as a project being done for fun in the kitchen, turned into a growing business. Chewing gum has been a blight for cities all across the world, but now it does not have to be. Three CBS alumni came up with an organic, decomposable solution.

CBS has to save DKK 20 million on TAP-staff

Employee representatives at CBS are worried that their staff members will be overburdened in the future, and they cannot see where or how to save DKK 20 million. The University Director argues that 3½ years is enough time for reaching their savings goal, and that Senior Management does not have job cuts on their agenda.

In search of the ideal president

When writing the job description for the new president of CBS, we need to be aware of stereotypical assumptions and unnecessary requirements, says a leading expert on diversity and inclusion at CBS. Also, CBS WIRE asked eight groups of employees at CBS what they are looking for in a new president.

CBS forges powerful tools for future CSE start-ups

CBS has set in motion research that will create valuable insights for early stage CSE start-ups, generate new research opportunities for researchers, and bring about unique teaching experiences for the students.

Lise Kingo: Our lives must become more conscious

We are facing the biggest transformation of mankind if we want to meet the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals by 2030, points out Lise Kingo, CEO and Executive Director of United National Global Compact and CBS’ newest distinguished alumna.

A photo ‘treasure hunt’

CBS Photography has, for the first time, designed a competition for photographers. CBS WIRE, Indie Frame, and Urban Explorer were the three judges for the competition. Here are our favorite photos from the competition.

Trash mayhem: Is it a matter of manners?

The day after the master’s students handed in their theses, the terraces and the green areas outside Nexus looked like the end of Roskilde Festival. The Director of Campus Services is disappointed with this behavior and calls it a matter of upbringing. CBS Students says it’s a common responsibility and they want CBS to engage in a dialogue with the students.

Plastic fantastic: Beached fishing nets become reusable shopping nets

CBS students, Lena Tünkers and Niklas Sihan, have developed a circular deposit system that introduces reusable plastic nets made out of beached fishing nets to supermarket chains. They want to confront the perception of plastic being a bad material, as they think it is a valuable resource.

CBS puts the brakes on hiring TAP-staff

All new positions and re-employments of technical-administrative staff (TAP) will have to be approved by Senior Management. The “decision to show moderation in recruitment” comes as payroll costs for TAP at CBS have increased significantly since 2012. Employee representatives are uncertain about the future consequences at present.

CBS and KADK create unique graduate program

This summer, CBS, in collaboration with KADK, launches a new graduate program. The students will work hand-in-hand on projects related to design, architecture and business. What’s the goal? Students with a whole new mindset!

How can CBS close the enormous gender gap?

80 percent of the professors at CBS are men and it has not changed since 1999. How is this going to change? Members of the Council for Diversity and Inclusion is currently visiting all of the 14 departments to talk about why diversity matters, because as one of the members, Alex Klinge, puts it, “You cannot be, what you cannot see.”

They want to beat the misconceptions about social businesses

If CBS students are to become the ‘leaders of tomorrow’, they need to understand the potential of creating social and sustainable companies, argues Marine von Renteln, first year-student at CBS. Together with the social enterprise YES CPH and the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, she is hosting a seminar about this topic on May 3 at Porcelænshaven.

Student organization makes it easier to study abroad

A semester at Harvard, as well as classes at the prominent MIT institution, are valuable components to have on your résumé. However, CBS alumn Sophus Svarre Rosendahl agrees that he picked the most rewarding benefits from his stay at the prestigious university outside campus. Now he is a board member of the DSA (Danish Students Abroad) organization.